Q. Is it true that criminals can get over an electric fence by throwing a blanket over it?

A. No!! The weight of the blanket will cause the wire to sag and touch the wire below and set off the alarm, and activate armed response if connected.

Q. What if an Intruder cuts a fence wire?

A. All ADVANCED ELECTRIC FENCING fences are wired in series with a Live wire monitoring system. Should any of the Live wires be cut using a well-insulated cutters to prevent getting shocked, the monitoring system will receive an open circuit signal and trigger the alarm. Should an Earth wire be cut, the loose Earth wire will undoubtedly touch a Live wire and also trigger the alarm.

Q. Can a burglar get past an electric fence using crocodile clips with wires without setting off the alarm?

A. No, Apart from possibly receiving a shock when fitting the crocodile clips and cutting the wire, the tensioned fence wire will lose its tension when cut and inadvertently touch another fence wire and set off the alarm.

Q. I just moved into a new house, what would offer me better security, an alarm system or an electric fence?

A. An alarm system only protects all possible entrances to your house or movement within certain areas and is only activated when you go sleep or when you go out. A professionally installed electric fence gives you a much higher level of security and peace of mind as it is activated all the time, giving you 100% protection 24/7 plus the benefit of enjoying your outdoor areas, ie. pool, braai, outside entertaining areas as your secured area is now not limited to your house but to your plot perimeter. Another advantage is that when you receive a fence alarm, time is on your side compared to a house alarm where the intruder could already be inside the house.

Q. Some people believe that an electric fence is not a good deterrent. Is that so?

A. Out of my own experience, I already had to upgrade a ladies electric fence 2 years ago, who had a low 4 strand electric fence with flimsy round bar brackets fitted and she felt that it was not as good a deterrent as it was intended to be. Once an intruder climbed over the fence by a pillar and just before I upgraded her fence, someone gained access to her properties by bending 2 adjacent round bar brackets. Her original fence gave her a false sense of security. Her new 6 strand fence with sturdy upright and angled square tubing brackets and latest technology NEMTEK 5 Joule LCD energiser made all the difference. The new taller electric fence with strong brackets and yellow warning signs made it a truly respected formidable barrier which no-one in their right mind would consider crossing. No-one has since attempted to gain access to her property again.

Q. What if my pets get in contact with the fence?

A. Cats can sense the electromagnetic field created by induction in the fence and will avoid making contact with it. Dogs on the other hand, do not possess that sense and will generally avoid the fence after their initial encounter.

Q. Will the Cape eventually look like Gauteng where almost everyone has an electric fence?

A. Unfortunately with the rate that the crime and particularly burglaries are increasing in the Cape, yes. Electric fencing has proven itself to be the ultimate perimeter protection in Gauteng and it is fast becoming the superior form of security in the Cape with the peace of mind attached to it.

Q. I am a very practical person who knows my way around electricity, can I install my own electrical fence?

A. It is not advisable unless you had specific training and are fully conversant with all the SANS 10222-3:2012 and Occupational Health and Safety Act (No.85 of 1993) requirements. Furthermore, new legislation, effective 1 October 2012, states that all new as well as existing electric fence installations will be subject to an “ELECTRIC FENCE SYSTEM CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE”. Only persons registered with the Department Of Labour as an Electric Fence System Installer may issue such a certificate. You will then have to pay such a person to do a full evaluation of the electric fence and after being satisfied that all the requirements are met, a C.O.C. will be issued.

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